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5 Ways to Keep Your House Warm During Winter

November 15th 2019

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Winter is officially here, and it’s a chilly one! With that in mind, we’ve come up with some cost-effective ideas that will help keep your house, apartment or bungalow warm and toasty during the cold season.


1. Draught-proof your windows

This is a simple task that can really help insulate your home – all you need to do is apply self-adhesive foam tape to your window frames. A 10m roll can cost as little as £2.50 is usually enough to cover four average windows!


2. Use tin foil

Stop your wall from absorbing the heat from your radiator by placing foil behind it! Instead of it being absorbed, the energy is reflected back into the room. You can either purchase specially-designed foil that is used for this purpose, or good quality kitchen foil (although it may not be quite as effective).


3. Bleed your radiators 

You can see whether your radiators are working to full capacity by checking whether they’re heating to the top. If they’re not, then you should definitely consider bleeding your radiators using a radiator bleed key. This works by releasing trapped air, which is stopping the hot air from rising. Once you hear a hiss of air and see a drip of water, you know that you’ve successfully bled the radiator – at this point, you should close the valve again.


4. Keep your curtains closed 

Placing foam tape on your window frames is one thing, but keeping your curtains closed will make a big difference when it comes to stopping heat escaping through your windows. You could go the extra mile and invest in thermal curtains!


5. Use the oven to heat your house

Instead of closing the door once your dinner has come out of the oven, leave it open and let the heat radiate around your kitchen! If you have children or pets, then make sure that they’re kept away if you choose to do this.


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